Multiple myeloma life expectancy

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Multiple myeloma is a life threatening cancerous disease. Its prevalence is more in men than in women. It is likely to be attacked in 40’s. People who are occupied in petroleum, leather and agriculture are more likely to be affected by multiple myeloma. The treatment is initiated after going through the diagnostic process. Based on the nature and severity of the disease, various kinds of treatment methods are used. The purpose of the treatment is to contain the disease. The life expectancy of the patient will be increased by using various kinds of treatment techniques including radiation, chemotherapy and administration of drugs. A blood transfusion will be done to prevent further spread of infections.

Treatment objectives

The objective of the treatment is to prevent the spread of disease to other parts as well. If the activity of the disease can be localized, it is possible to make the most from the treatment. The treatment will be customized as per the requirements of the patient. No standard therapy is present for treating the patients who are suffering from multiple myeloma.

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Before starting the treatment, a number of factors will be taken into consideration. The general state of health of the patient will be ascertained. The existing medical risks and probable future risks are taken into account before treating the patient. Pain management will also be done through experts. How the patient is responding to the initial treatment will decide the future course of action.

Multiple myeloma

Clinical trials

There were established therapies that can be used for treating the patients suffering with Multiple Myeloma. The therapies are documented in various scientific journals. In certain cases, clinical trials are carried out so that the new set of treatment procedures will be applied to the patient. This is done for eligible patients only. The disease will be classified and status will be reported. Based on the status, further treatment will be carried out.

Life expectancy

The life expectancy in patients suffering from multiple myeloma is dependent on the severity of the disease and the response to the treatment. There are a number of treatment alternatives which will be selected very carefully based on the health condition of the patient. The purpose of the treatment is to reduce the presence of plasma cell population.

In recent years, blood transfusion is giving great results and there is great improvement in the life expectancy. The treatment is ensured to achieve normal living conditions for patients as long as they survive and to increase the life expectancy through various treatment options. If there is an excess presence of calcium in the blood, it will lead to renal failure. Hence, calculated approach should be taken to tackle the disease.

The patient should cooperate to conduct various kinds of tests and to undergo new clinical trials based on their eligibility. The treatment will be offered in various levels. After going through the initial treatment options, it is required to go through the maintenance phase. The response rate in young patients is better than older patients.

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