Multiple myeloma stage 3 life expectancy

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Until some years ago, treat multiple myeloma had a life expectancy of 3 to 4 years, but now the quality and years of life of these patients has doubled, to be between 8 and 10 years, said doctor Rubén Niesvizky, director of the program of Multiple myeloma, Presbyterian Hospital, Cornell University, New York.

Through a virtual press conference, Niesvizky pointed out that with the drug REVLIMID, reduces up to 85% of patients tumor mass: “with this therapy, people live free of disease progression. The challenge for us doctors, is that living people more and in the best conditions.”

The owner of the program of Multiple myeloma, Presbyterian Hospital, said that so far is an incurable disease, but new therapies have increased survival and provide a good quality of life. But, how every drug has side effects. In an interview for, Deborah Martínez medical, clinical Coordinator of myeloma of the National Institute of nutrition Salvador Zubirán (INNSZ) He said:

“One of the main side effects is the decrease of red blood cells, white blood cells, or platelets. The decrease in white blood cells can be reversed with other treatment. Another side effect is fatigue; in these cases the ideal is to reduce the dose, but an important aspect are the clots. Therefore, all patients who undergo the REDVLIMID must take any preventive drug against thrombosis or clotting.”


Martinez, made it clear that multiple myeloma is the second hematologic most frequent cancer in the world, followed by leukemia. In Mexico, a year are diagnosed on average 12,000 new cases, while 45,000 are carriers of the disease.

Testimony Maika
My mother when she was diagnosed myeloma, was already in phase III. They put a chemo carrying with her home for four days to prepare it for the car transplant. After the desertion of the transplant and was in complete response almost 5 years. I STRESS THAT ALL THIS ALREADY IN PHASE III.

When you returned the Myeloma put them velcade for 8 months, and my mother was great. I tolerate it very well and while he was with the treatment did not have many complications. Sometimes naunseas, and a little low fenders, but all controllable. When you put velcade make very often blood controls to see how the patient is accepting it, so in that sense you can be quiet already that if saw something wrong it see right away.

I hope to serve you a little reference to get the idea and think that although the III is a slightly complicated phase, may be well and you can leave.

My mother has spent seven years with phase III living fairly well, when those transplanted it almost 5 years has lived them like a normal person within the limitations that have the disease.

So much encouragement and to give him much strength so that the best thing that can take you.

Testimony Marzal
my case has so many similarities with yours that I could not answer you.
My mother was diagnosed, too, one day after his birthday (55) while it was uploaded doing final tests.
This was in September and also your MM is in stage III. It began at the end of this month with the 1st line treatment combining Velcade, thalidomide and dexamethasone and once a month, Zometa because everything is triggered with formidable backaches (compression fractures) and sternum.

It’s been a few months and also came some complications caused by the descent of defenses: constipated followed, conjunctivitis, a principle of pneumonia were treated independently to the MM. In a principle, when he started treatment was quite rare, tired, tired, anxious, he did not explain very well, but have gradually been going some of these effects.

The truth is that it is not easy to find so many things suddenly, but the latest news (on Monday) make us see that, on the other hand, the urine protein has been decreasing and positive response to treatment is being.
So much so that, if all goes well, by the end of February you repeat testing from the beginning and if they give adequate results, prepare it for the autologous.

I hope that you participate in the Forum telling us when to begin treatment and lean on the colleagues who have had very similar experiences. For my has been the largest subsidies.

Patience and lots of encouragement!

Testimony Mariana
I write also identified with you. My brother Joseph was diagnosed in April 08. When they finally discovered him, she had already had very advanced cancer. We were told that it had all the affected bones, from the skull to the lower extremities. Grade III and in the more aggressive State that exists. You have reminded me much because he also had strong pains of bones.

It was treated with VAD (Vincristine, Adriamycin and Decadron) I do not know exactly in which differs the Velcade but after 4 sessions with that treatment, chose the car transplant. It follows its course, of course, but those tremendous pains have been sending. It is well responsive to treatment and is recovering well from the TMO.

Now we are waiting to start another stage that we still do not know well what will be, but you already advance that all analyses that have lately made him shed almost with certainty which is in remission. I tell you all this because I grade III scared but then all within your hollow treatments and are improving. Jose is 49 years old, is not much more you jove to your mother.

So much encouragement. The mood is like other medicine and has the best of the positive effects and any side of the bad guys…


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