There is enough medicine at the Cancer Institute, says director

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There is no shortage of metrotexate in the National Cancer Institute“said the Dr. Abelardo Meneses, who runs this center.

During a press conference at the Fourth Forum of Leaders Against Cancer, the doctor made this statement by questioning him about the protests recorded on Monday by parents of children with this condition.

He assured that there is a constant supply on the part of the suppliers and in case for any reason the medication is missing, it is filled as quickly as possible.

This week, parents of children admitted to Federico González Hospitals and November 20 demonstrated at the International Airport of Mexico City to ask the government and the Ministry of Health to provide the necessary supplies for the chemotherapy of children.

They said that because of the budget cut there was not enough medicine to care for the children and that is why some were dying.

On Tuesday, Secretary of Health Jorge Alcocer said that “there is no urgency,” and that the medication could be substituted for another.


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