Multiple myeloma, cancer difficult to diagnose

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September 5 is World Multiple Myeloma Day, the second most frequent hematological tumor in adults, difficult to diagnose and although it still has no cure, there are treatments that improve the patient's quality of life, so it is known that it will always be latent.

There are different myths around this disease; One of them is that patients have fractures. However, one of the main symptoms is bone pain, a pain that triggers an exposed or internal fracture.

Currently, there are several treatment alternatives, the selection will depend on the stage of the disease and the alternatives that the doctor considers best for each case. Even achieving disease remissions for a long time.

Only in 5-10% of cases are hereditary, genes can predispose to develop a certain type of cancer, however, this predisposition does not imply the security of its development. This type of cancer is commonly related to falls, bruises, bone fractures or other injuries, however, they are not associated, but when the lesion is treated, cancer that already existed is usually discovered at that time. It also happens that sometimes a person will remember an injury that happened a long time ago in the place where cancer was detected.

The only way to detect it is through laboratory tests, liquid biopsies or imaging studies, every day it is more common to be discovered at an early age, that is, from 35 years.


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