Osakidetza focuses its future on continuing to be pioneers in the treatment of cancer

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Nekane Murga, Minister of Health, has offered an interview to Radio Euskadi in which she reiterated that the lines to be followed by her Department go through prevention, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, palliative care, humanization, without forgetting, ” of course “, technological renewal, innovation, for” with all this, to continue to be the best valued public service “.

In fact, has alluded to the publication on Thursday of the sociometer, and has indicated that, according to his data, “nine out of ten people questioned” consider that the attention provided by Osakidetza is “good or very good”, noting that the first level welfare is the best valued by citizens, and hoping to continue like this.

Considering this, from Osakidetza also hope to continue being pioneers, as until now, in the treatment of cancer. In this regard, the counselor announced that “is working on the deployment of the oncology plan, to get the innovative treatments in Oncology.” One of the novelties is the aureole tattoo, on which Murga explained that it is used in cases of women who require breast reconstruction, and that it is “a simple technique”.

Prevention of suicide

Another area in which he intends to focus his Osakidetza is the prevention of suicide. Murga stressed that it is a matter of society, “to change”, in which you must participate from the health field and also from the media, which, as he said, are very important.

Therefore, as he recalled, a plan has been drawn up in which they have participated from all areas and in which they must work because “really the number of people who commit suicide is high and, in addition, it is known that it is preventable and therefore, in this “we must continue working.

Finally, the counselor has also alluded to the increase in sexually transmitted infections, which is due to the fact that “no condoms or barrier methods are used” as before. In this sense, Murga has said that “at present, sometimes, you do not have as much fear as you had in the past,” despite which, as he said, “education and campaigns help.” Murga has reported that “soon a new campaign will be carried out”, because “really” the way to prevent this type of diseases is through the barrier methods and the condom.


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