Megadeth cancels show at Rock in Rio

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Sao Paulo.- The American metal band Megadeth canceled its participation in the Rock in Rio of Brazil after its vocalist, Dave Mustaine, was diagnosed with throat cancer, confirmed the organization of the event on Monday.

The 57-year-old singer posted the news on his Twitter account and said he has previously faced obstacles and is working with his doctors, who have developed a treatment plan that they believe has a 90% chance of success.

For its part, the organization of the festival reported that it is looking for a new artist to replace Megadeth on October 4.

“Unhappily, due to the disease, the band canceled most of their 2019 concerts, including performances in Brazil. The organization of the festival joins family members and millions of fans from around the world in their prayers for the artist's speedy recovery, “Rock in Rio said in a statement.

Megadeth was going to be the second band to appear on the main stage of the day dedicated to metal, which will have as outstanding attractions groups like Sepultura, Scorpions and Iron Maiden.

Mustaine, who in his beginnings was part of Metallica before being expelled by the high intake of alcohol and drugs, formed Megadeth in 1983, partly out of spite, and came to turn it into one of the emblematic formations of trash metal.

In fact, it is estimated that the group has sold more than 38 million records worldwide. In addition, he has received numerous nominations to the Grammy Awards, one of which materialized in 2017 when he was awarded the prize for the best metal performance for the song “Dystopia”.

The throat cancer is not the first anomaly that forces the Californian singer to stay away from music for a while; in 2003 he had to recover from a wound in his arm that threatened his continuity in music. Shortly after he faced the demand of a former Megadeth member, bassist David Ellefson.


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