MILC Association participates in the third forum on metastatic breast cancer

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In Mexico, 10 women die daily from breast cancer. It is estimated that between 58 and 70% of patients with breast cancer are diagnosed in advanced stages, which include stage III (when the cancer is larger than 5 cm and affects the lymph nodes), and stage lV ( when it has spread to other organs). In its commitment to empower patients with breast cancer, the Salvati A.C. and the Association of Doctors and Researchers in the Fight Against Cancer (MILC) made the 3rd. Metastatic Breast Cancer Forum, aimed at patients and navigators.

Adela Ayensa, general director of Fundación Salvati, said: “We seek to accompany patients with breast cancer on the trajectory we have learned as specialists, but also seeing patients travel this path, where they can learn about the process from the beginning of the disease, diagnosis, treatment, diseases associated with treatment, and complementary treatments to achieve a good quality of life ”.

For the integral treatment of cancer it should be contemplated that patients go through different stages and it is necessary to accompany them and guide them on the challenges of each of them. It is vital to consider the quality of life in advanced stages, for example, aspects from psychology, spirituality, physiotherapy and nutrition are indispensable; At the same time, it is necessary to know what diseases besides cancer can present patients such as lymphedema, neutropenia, anemia and / or bone complications.

In the case of women diagnosed with breast cancer in early stages, it is estimated that 30% progress to metastatic disease. Today, there are different treatments that seek to prolong survival and maintain a good level of quality of life, regarding Mtra. Alejandra Platas, general director of MILC, mentioned that: “the treatment of patients with advanced cancer can be accompanied by traditional or innovative complementary therapies that allow patients to have personalized attention, thus improving their quality of life”.

During the 3rd Metastatic Breast Cancer Forum, topics such as the patient's trajectory, quality of life, innovative complementary therapies were addressed, and the # We are Here campaign was presented.

Finally, Mª De Lourdes Hernández, a patient diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer, shared her story and Mtra. Alejandra Platas concluded by mentioning the support offered by the “Young and Strong Program” and “Strong and Metastatic”, a project brought by the MILC Association to support patients on the path of the disease and together achieve a difference in their quality of life.


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