Happy birthday Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas!

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To Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas not only a marriage of almost two decades, two children and that both are from hollywoodense royalty, these actors too they were born the same day, although in different countries and different years, she in Wales, United Kingdom in 1969 and he in New Jersey in 1944.

This marriage birthday on Wednesday (Catherine celebrates 50 years and Michael 75) as one of the strongest couples in the Mecca of the Cinema and also as one of the richest to win annually near 170 million dollars.

In the years they have been together, they had two children, Dylan Michael Douglas, born on August 15, 2000, and Carys Zeta Douglas, born on April 20, 2003.

Throughout his life both actors have faced various vicissitudes, However, those moments have defined and strengthened the relationship.

Age difference

The actors began dating in mid-2000, just a few months after Douglas he divorced his first wife Diandra Luker with whom he had his firstborn Cameron. When Zeta-Jones and Douglas announced that they were dating and that they were pregnant, the headlines did not wait, most referring to the 25 years of difference between them.

Some publications speak of an interest in Catherine in Douglas with a work purpose, since even though the actress led a career in United Kingdom, in U.S it was a new face with a couple of protagonists in United States (“The Mask of the Fox”, “The Curse” and “The Ambush”).

The age difference between Zeta-Jones and Cameron DouglasMichael's son is only nine years old.


In 2010 to the actor of “Wall street” They were diagnosed throat cancer, lAfter visiting different doctors who did not know he was suffering.

After diagnosis, Michael underwent eight weeks of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, in the process, Oscar winner lost many kilos, but finally in 2013 announced that The treatment had worked and was free of the disease.

Initially it was said that the cancer tumor was derived from your addiction to tobacco and alcohol, something that denied, ensuring that his illness it was due to oral sex, for which he contracted human papillomavirus (HPV), that causes this type of cancer.


The disease of the son of Kirk Douglas caused a sewer of infidelities from the actor to Catherine it was uncovered, same that occupied countless headlines.

This was not the first time that the actor was accused of unfaithful since one of the reasons that Diandra Luker (his first wife) filed in the divorce proceedings was the multiple extramarital affairs of Michael and his sex addiction, something that apparently continued when he married Catherine

After the scandal, in August 2013 the couple announced that it was separated, however, this break lasted only a few months since in January 2014 the actors reconciled.

In 2015 during the celebration of his anniversary number 15, Michael apologized publicly to his wife since he assured that he loves her more than ever and that he feels still, very ashamed of the unfortunate comment he said in 2013,


In 2011 the representative of the Welsh actress announced that Catherine had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, after the stress caused by her husband's throat cancer, Michael Douglas

After the announcement the actress of “Chicago” She was admitted to a mental health clinic for a brief period.

Zeta-Jones He revealed that he has suffered from bipolar disorder for more than two decades and after overcoming this episode, the singer also has not fallen back into the disease.

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