Cancer related diseases

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Fundación Salvati A.C., in its commitment to provide a model of care based on a patient-centered interdisciplinary approach, discloses key information about diseases associated with cancer through the social media and media campaign for cancer patients.

Chemotherapy helps treat cancer by destroying cancer cells. But sometimes chemotherapy also damages or eliminates normal cells, which reduces the patient's defenses, making him prone to developing other diseases such as anemia, or presenting neutropenia, and infections caused by them.

“It is very important to guide the patient on the integral treatment, and side effects, to be attentive to the signs and symptoms of possible complications. While the treatment focuses on eliminating cancer cells, attention must also be paid to the complications of receiving treatment and the support therapies that will be necessary to avoid or treat them, ”said Isabelle Aloi-Timeus, president and founder of Salvati A.C.

Chemotherapy often causes a decrease in blood counts. Blood cells (blood cells and platelets) are produced in the bone marrow. The three main elements in the blood that are affected by chemotherapy are:

  • Platelets, which help blood clotting and stop bleeding.
  • White blood cells, which fight infections.
  • Red blood cells, which carry oxygen to the cells.

In her speech, Dr. Laura Suchil, a science teacher, mentioned that: “Cancer patients should take extra precautions to avoid getting sick and should have an established plan to get help if they do; Be aware of symptoms such as tiredness, infections, shortness of breath, dizziness, among others. The medical specialist must also be aware of supportive therapies to avoid this type of complications in patients under treatment. ”

Regarding the # MásAlláDelCáncer campaign, the general director of Salvati A.C., Adela Ayensa, pointed out that “with this campaign we seek to inform the population about the possible complications of cancer treatment; We have focused on neutropenia, anemia, lymphedema and bone complications, as well as focusing on the importance of comprehensive patient treatment, and the importance of including supportive therapies to avoid these complications. The campaign consists of a series of informative postcards under the hashtags # MásAlláDelCárncer # Associated DiseasesAlCncer to talk about #neutropenia, #anemia, #lindefedema and # osteoarthritis complications ”.

Finally, Salvati and the specialist made an invitation in general to join the # MásAlláDelCáncer campaign and continue informing about the importance of comprehensive treatment and cancer support therapies.


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