AMLO asks to investigate girl's death due to lack of cancer medicine

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President Andrés Manuel López Obrador requested that those responsible for the investigation be investigated and punished death of a girl with cancer who did not have access to her medications and her treatment was interrupted.

“Yes, there was Medical negligence, if it was for lack of medication that this girl lost her life, then those responsible must be punished; but be very objective in these cases and don't lie, don't create smear campaigns“said the president.

In recent days, relatives of children with cancer have reported that in health institutions there are shortage of medication, so the integrity of the little ones is at risk.

“You have to investigate (the death of the girl), and there is no need to miss medications, because if there are no medications you take a plane, it is allowed for that, not to go shopping or use as it was before, the planes to to go shopping or helicopters to go to play golf, but it is to go to the United States, to India, wherever it is to buy the medicines. It is brought in four days if you have the lives of children, of human beings, “said the head of the Federal Executive.

He also justified the shortage of medicines denounced by parents, because he said that in the previous administration the companies “went overboard” and concentrated the purchases of medicines, a situation that is already being investigated.



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