Multiple myeloma life expectancy

Multiple myeloma is a life threatening cancerous disease. Its prevalence is more in men than in women. It is likely to be attacked in 40’s. People who are occupied in petroleum, leather and agriculture are more likely to be affected by multiple myeloma. The treatment is initiated after going through the diagnostic process. Based on

Multiple myeloma life expectancy can be increased

Multiple myeloma life expectancy is the first thing that will haunt your mind if you or your loved one is suffering from multiple myeloma. Multiple myeloma is cancer, if you put across in simple words. The word cancer creates a lot of mental stress as people believe that their life has come to an end.

Multiple myeloma success stories

Share your own testimony of life, your experiences as a patient or family member of a patient with multiple myeloma. Surely someone else, may be happening to you. Writes, your story nutria us all. HISTORY 1 When at the end of 2007 we were told that Mony (my wife) only hope was a transplant of