Women who practice sports have 30% less chance of getting breast cancer

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Sports Woman It aims to unite three main concepts: sports, health and technology. From our mobile application and our initiatives, we intend to create a true sport network, to link physical exercise and healthy lifestyle habits. We want teach to women to exercise. “

Last Friday, Ana Calderón, CEO of Mujer Deportiva, opened with these words the first conference of Movetraining, an initiative that will run for six months, giving a monthly workshop that will combine practice and theory around health, physical exercise and healthy lifestyle habits. Each month, the Pons foundation It will become a didactic classroom in which health and sports professionals will unite their knowledge to provide data and information about a precise theme, giving way to a circuit of physical exercise held the next day in the garden of the Retiro in Madrid and open to all people interested in attending.

The theme and intention of this opening could not be less current: encourage sports to fight against breast cancer. And the data shows that women who do sports reduce between 30% and 40% The risks of suffering.

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Susana Moral, doctor in physical activity and health, and Manuel Martín, co-director of the Professional Institute of Physical Exercise and Cancer, In charge of teaching this first class, they left the 'students' present at the event speechless and surprised by the information that they were given. While Susana displaced one nutritional myth after another, explaining for example that diets have to be adjusted to the hormonal clock of each woman, being the amounts of hormones present in the body a key determinant at the time of choosing foods, Manuel said that the genetic burden of cancer is only 5%. Maybe that means we can prevent or protect ourselves from the disease in some way?

We have all heard a thousand times the old saying that 'we are what we eat'. Our body is nourished by what we give it, and food is what determines its functioning. Women are the center of a dance and a swing of constant hormonal overdoses. The peaks of hormones are your daily bread and a determining element when exposing your body to diseases such as cancer. But each peak can be regulated and controlled better! For example, the load of estrogen in the blood has a direct relationship with the insulin peaks of our system. That's why you have to monitor the intake of certain foods. Did you think that fat was your biggest enemy? Watch over refined sugar, which is a real poison! We must privilege the intake of fiber, green leafy vegetables and red fruits, green tea and seaweed and mushrooms. But all those food tricks do not have the same effect if they are not accompanied by a routine of physical exercise. We know that the treatments against cancer, the disease itself and the forced rest to which the patient is subjected always attacks directly the muscle tissue of this. With age and treatments, women lose important tissue that protects them and makes them less resistant. Training and movement is an essential part of cancer prevention and treatment. But what exercises to do? How and for what do I move? That practical part is what was going to develop the next day …

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The circuit installed on Saturday in the garden of the Retiro invited the attendees and all the onlookers of the place to be carried away by the team of personal trainers of the search engine. coaches sports Train.me, collaborators of the initiative, and present in the act to help in a personalized way to anyone who would like to participate. Each step of the circuit was composed of an exercise dedicated to a specific ailment, symptom or objective, defined by the student and explained by his teacher.

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And it is that understanding every gesture and every step of a sport and life routine is a fundamental part of the process, which can change the things and the destiny of the one who practices them.

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