The prediction of the Tarot for Cancer in 2019

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(June 22 – July 22)

The Cancer Tarot for this 2019 predicts a year positive, especially in the field professional and labor. There will be important changes that will allow you to grow and expand thanks to your ideas and your proposals. Balance is your path to success this year and it is important that your attitude does not decline at any time and you always stay positive. It's a good time to start new trips and get to know those places you've always wanted.

  • Spirituality: You must work more your energetic power, the mental strength and the ability to project your future, that will make you grow much both spiritually and socially and that strength will lead you to have important changes in the economy, love and inner peace. It is essential that you believe in yourself and love yourself every day, whatever happens, so that in the end everything goes as you want. Your mental strength will surprise you this year that comes.
  • Work and economy: Year of opportunities, changes, expansion and new ideas in the labor field, take advantage of what you can. Your courage and strength will fill you with positive things. By the middle of the year you will achieve good economic results, although the best ones will arrive in 2020. You will start to reap the fruits that you will pick up later. Future plans will be very important. Very auspicious year travel and for new projects that excite you.
  • Love: If you are without a partner, now is the right time to project it, find it and find it. Take a positive attitude and enjoy meeting interesting people, let yourself be surprised. If you fight to achieve your purposes in love, with your strength, surely you get it. The equilibrium it is the path that leads you to success. The last six months are the best, enjoy with friends.

Cancer Women: Sofia Vergara, Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez, Elsa Pataky and Meryl Streep.


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