The many health benefits of pitaya

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Pitaya, also known as dragon fruit, a native fruit of the tropical zone of America that includes part of Mexico, like Baja California, Sonora, Jalisco, Morelos, Guerrero, Puebla, Oaxaca, and Sinaloa. Pitayas also grow in Nicaragua, Colombia, Peru, and Ecuador. It has an ovoid form and is 12cm long.

This fruit is produced by a Cactus that grows in top of trees. Its peel is of intense pink color and you have big scales. Its pulp is white and it has a soft flavor with numerous and small black seeds that are edible.

Pitayas are eaten ripe with their seeds. You can prepare shakes, desserts, and even toilet with this fruit.

Thanks to its high content of vitamins, pitayas have many health benefits such as:

It slows down cellular aging
Due to its Vitamin C content, it improves the resistance to infections. It also helps with the generation of bones, teethand red blood cells.

It strengthens the immune system
It has been shown that consuming pitaya has helped prevent cancer and iron deficiency anemia, and that is because the iron contained in this fruit is ideal to prevent degenerative diseases.

It helps with weight loss
Thanks to its low caloric and carbohydrates intake, pitaya is ideal to detox the body and to reduce abdominal bloating.

It improves eyesight
It contains vitamin A that helps to keep soft tissues in good condition, which improves vision in an environment of dim light.

It helps lower bad cholesterol
Pitaya do iron, calcium, and mainly fiber that prevent cardiovascular issues. To do so, you must consume it from 2 to 3 times a week



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