The CONVIVIR project offers comprehensive support to people with lung cancer

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In 2017, lung cancer was the tumor responsible for the highest number of deaths, and 29,503 new cases of lung cancer are expected in 2019, according to the latest annual report of SEOM 2019. That is why more and more resources are needed to the approach to this disease, not only from the therapeutic point of view, but also at the social level.

With this objective arises the project CONVIVIR, an initiative of AstraZeneca, whose objective is to create a sense of community among people with lung cancer and offer them comprehensive support tools, including the point of view of the oncologist, psycho-oncologist, nurse, nutritionist, trainer and patients.

In the words of Eduardo Recoder, president of the AstraZeneca Foundation, “this is an initiative of great value that will serve as support not only to patients affected by this disease and its closest circle, but also to the health professionals involved in the treatment of lung cancer and all those people who, in one way or another, coexist with this type of cancer.

Multidisciplinary actions

To do this, work will be done to create a collaborative and cross-sectional community that functions as a source of information and a meeting point. In addition, other actions and services are being planned that will gradually enrich the project, so that patients feel sheltered and increase their perspectives and their quality of life.

This initiative has the support of the Spanish Association of People Affected by Lung Cancer (AEACaP), the Spanish Society of Medical Oncology (SEOM), the Spanish Lung Cancer Group (GECP) and the Spanish Society of Oncology Nursing (SEEO). .

In this way, CONVIVIR has since its inception a Scientific Committee formed by members of SEOM, GECP, SEEO and AEACaP that ensure that this project meets the needs of those people who coexist with the pathology every day. Likewise, an Editorial Committee has been formed with the key players in the treatment of this pathology (oncologists, nurses, psycho-oncologists, nutritionists, experts in physical exercise and patients) in order to propose, analyze, define and create valuable content to contribute solidity to this initiative.


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