Multiple myeloma success stories

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Share your own testimony of life, your experiences as a patient or family member of a patient with multiple myeloma. Surely someone else, may be happening to you. Writes, your story nutria us all.


When at the end of 2007 we were told that Mony (my wife) only hope was a transplant of bone marrow with a donor and there was no family support, we had to turn to bone marrow donors World Bank to find a person on earth that would be compatible with Mony. It was so a donor from Germany turned out to be compatible and in February 2008 the operation which gave us so much hope could be done. We knew that it was difficult, the procedure was very risky, but there was a hope… and we cling to it. I can not explain the happiness of knowing that 15,000 km, on the other side of the planet, there was a human being could do that Mony had chances to be cured. Yes, although he had a terminal illness, there were possibilities of cure. The transplant was successful, so much that his bone marrow was 100% German and free of disease. But we knew that there were other factors and that the high risk. I know of many cases that have saved life… I tried to convey my experience to get to know the importance that has this gift for someone who receives it and his family.

Yourself a hope someone…
Posted by: Enrique
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Hello! I am 46 years old and up to a normal life for 4 had, cleaning my house I move my bed and I fractured my spine in the lumbar area, three months in bed with a corset and only levantandome to go to the bathroom and bathe my bones again, soldering without knowing by what happened this they tell me it may be osteopenia, today is that it was impossible but worked with doctors and then I miss from work, I felt death was divorced with three children and a couple who just knew the little time I begin to work at the sanatorium of the city in which I live, began waist, sternum every time headaches were more strong ended up hospitalized by lumbociatalgia step so almost a year until I was hospitalized 12 days without finding anything but one morning I get my angel as I call him Dr. Prino hematologist and did me a spinal tap and I got the diagnosis less expected MM right away I started treatment with dexamethasone, thalidomide, and aminomux. but the pain continued and we did the study of histocompatibility with my brothers none was compatible with me did me radiation therapy to help with the pain and go going to transplant the 16/09/10 finally arrived the awaited day of all was a success, I didn’t have any complications to the 19 days give me the high come my home with the care that the DRS. Gabriel and Basso of the sanatorium Park rosario I recommend and my life change radically return to a nearly normal life, that already some things I could never do, everything was very hard, but I always put my best of my thanks God I had my three sons, my partner and my whole family, accompanying today to 18 months of the transplant, the disease is controlled but I started with headaches again and not be to doI can’t deny that I’m a little scared but studies go all well, although the MM destroyed much of my bones, and that takes a long time to recover, good to all those who are going through this I say aferrence to life so everything is possible fight for a better quality of life that is today the most important affection and many forces.

Posted by: Sonia Pacor


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