Multiple mieloma natural treatment

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Multiple mieloma natural treatment Our nutritional status is directly linked to our ability to cope with better efficiency to a myriad of diseases and health problems in general. Also is essential to avoid unnecessary and avoidable, complications and improving the quality of life of the patient.

So she must do a power the more balanced as possible, but this in turn adapted to our specific needs, which will be partly augmented and induced by the disease and its intrinsic characteristics.

Some of the issues most important to presenting myeloma (though not the only), are at a level of hypercalcemia and paraprotein (Ig), can not you can solve with greater or lesser intake of calcium and protein in our diet, since factors that lost these occasions or sobreproducciones, are related to the disease and not a deficiency in intake of these foods in our diet.

But if not, we provide these nutrients, in adequate quantities, can aggravate or help more at here occurs a loss of tissue bone and muscle, that are asenciales for our organism.


In the case of calcium, in addition to other functions, this mineral that is stored in the bones, is kidnapped and deslazado into the blood. Producing tissue loss nuna osseous and increase concentration in the plasma blood, called hypercalcemia.

Although, this process is triggered by the miloma and not we can “stop it” through our food (can be locked with drugs), if the patient swallows an inadequate amount of calcium, can aggravate more even situation, since this not may be deposited in bone, but is also kidnapped by action of the disease. Which ocacionara weakness, osteoporosis and bone fractures, more quickly.


Anivel of intake of proteins, the process is rather complicated, since it is a nutrient that the body uses in multiple reactions, synthesis of the tjidos, organs, cells, etc.

Whereupon, their intake will not only directly related to the production of immunoglobulins (paraproteins defensive naccion of our immune system, but that is related to the synthesis of tissues throughout the body and a multitude of duties, including also its function structure (muscles).)

If we reduce their intake, not only diminish the possibility of performing those functions (with their relevant consequences), but we also reduce the proliferation gives the paraproteins affected by myeloma.


Anivel’s immunity, there are a number of plants and foods that can increase or promote our immune system, estimullando and non-stimulating the nervous system.

  1.  Diet

There is a diet especially recommended for myeloma patients, but it is always advisable to follow a balanced diet. This may mean eating larger amounts of some foods, such as fruits and vegetables, as well as smaller amounts of others, such as products with higher percentage of fats.

After a diagnosis of myeloma there who feel that perform important changes in your usual diet to overcome the disease, however, there is no evidence that could indicate that a change in diet can change the evolution in a myeloma patient.

Establish a balanced diet, however, is important for maintaining a good general State of health.

A healthy diet includes a wide variety of foods: lots of fruit and vegetables, products with high content of fiber as bread and whole grain cereals, good quantities of fish and chicken, not too much red meat, less fried, fatty foods as well as not too much sugar or salt.

Eating in this way can help increase energy levels, getting stronger and helping the patient recover more quickly after the treatments. There is no why to avoid foods that contain calcium, since this does not affect the levels of calcium in the blood, as well as proteins from the diet will not affect paraprotein levels.

Drinks that contain caffeine, such as coffee and tea or Coca Cola, can be part of a balanced diet, if consumed in moderation. In the same way, if you drink alcohol, is to try not to drink more than the recommended daily amount.

These are natural products that have better worked

Important: the efficiency is highly variable, depending on of the origin, timing and mode of collection, storage, etc.

No legit by surface details, but check that they have quality and optimum efficiency on each occasion.

-Evodia rutaecarpa. Wu Zhu Yu. Chinese wild pepper. Used from thousands of years in traditional Chinese medicine.

Annona muricata. Graviola or soursop, of Latin America, leaves dry powdered.

-Griseofulvin. Antifungal and antitumor. Pharmaceutical product considered natural by some authors.

-Artemisia herba-alba. Chamomile,

-Essential oil of Orange. Extract from the bark of the Orange, drinkable in small doses.

  • Auxiliary plants:

-Ponytail. For bone regeneration.

-Witch Hazel. To prevent tumor vascularization and improve the capillary resistance against hypertension.

-Viscum album. White mistletoe. Purifying and reduction of hypercalcemia. (very restricted)

  • Plants of little effect:

-Artemisia annua (Qin Hao Su), Mahon Chamomile

  • Plants without any effect:

Curcumin, Uña de gato, yarrow, calaguala.

  • Inadequate plants:

-Echinacea. Stimulator of the immune system. Reactive myeloma because it is part of it.

-Jiaogulan. Cellular regenerator. Reactive myeloma It is similar to Ginseng.

-Gutta percha. Du Zhong. Regenerate bone and cartilage, proven. Reactive myeloma.


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