In the ISSSTE, there is a lack of medicines: union

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At the national level, the ISSSTE pharmacies begin to remain empty. At least 180 keys are zero and beneficiaries with cancer and diabetes do not receive their full treatment.

Antibiotics, drugs so that transplanted people do not reject the organ and supplies such as alcohol, syringes, gauze, diapers and antibacterial gel are also scarce in the institute's clinics.

Luis Miguel Victoria Ranfla, president of the CEN of the National Union of Workers of the ISSSTE, told EL UNIVERSAL that the institute had 100% supply until February 28 last. From that date, they waited for the tender of the consolidated purchase by the Ministry of Finance, but it is still paralyzed.

“The shortage is real. Companions of the National Center of Supply and the ones in charge of the pharmacies have detailed to us that 180 keys are in red numbers, there are not; So, if you go to a clinic for your medicine, they tell you to come back another day or that you dial by phone before to know if there is already an existence, “he explained.

The union leader said that the delay in the consolidated purchase affects the right to privacy and creates a tense atmosphere among administrative staff, doctors and patients.

“We do not want a confrontation of any kind, because the senior official of the SHCP, Raquel Buenrostro, goes to lecture and says that the ISSS-TE has 100% supply of medicines, but it is not so and President L√≥pez Obrador must have the report socialized. So I tell you, Mr. President: some medicines are missing, “he said.


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