In Mexico 15 thousand people die a year from environmental pollution

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According to data from the WHO one in nine people go dead in the world because of diseases related to atmospheric pollution. Most of the harmful agents that are present in the air come from the burning of fossil fuels.

The WHO, has also pointed out that private cars They generate 18% of CO2 emissions, the main quasi of the greenhouse effect. These emissions represent up to 60% of the pollution total in the Mexico's valley.

> In our country every year die approximately 15 thousand people because of these air pollutants solids, which penetrate deep into the lungs affecting their defense cells. This lung involvement causes a series of diseases that occur in both adults and children, among which are: lung cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and acute respiratory tract infections.

For this reason, through various national and local institutions, public policies have been promoted that seek to modify the behavior of society to benefit the health of all. As a result of these movements, the World No Car Day, which is celebrated on September 22 and aims to encourage the reduction of excessive use of the car, providing more environmentally friendly and environmentally friendly transport alternatives.

> The celebration of World Day Without Car matches the European Union Mobility Week, which also aims to instill in its population a different mobility culture, without having the need to use the car; increasing social coexistence, promoting pedestrian safety and retaking the streets as public spaces.


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