Dies at age 72, actress Peggy Lipton, hippie icon

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The American actress Peggy Lipton, which became a American hippie icon with his performance in the police drama “The Mod Squad” of the 60s, has died to 72 years cancer victim.

The death of Lipton, also famous for her performance in “Twin Peaks”, was announced on Saturday through a statement by his daughters Kidada and Rashida Jones, result of the marriage of the actress with the legendary music producer Quincy Jones.

“It breaks our hearts that our dear mother died of cancer today (…) She made her trip in peace with her children and nephews on her side, we feel very lucky for every moment we spend with her”, said her daughters in a statement distributed to local media.

In the statement, the family requested privacy and stressed: “We can not express all our feelings in words at this time, but we will say this: Peggy was and always will be a beacon of light for us, both in this world and in the future. it will be part of us. “

Born in New York on August 30, 1946, Lipton started his career on the catwalk, working as a model, and to 19 years old made his television debut with television comedy “The John Forsythe Show,” from where he jumped into series like “Bewitched,” “The Alfred Hitchcock Hour” and “The Virginian.”

Your moment of fame came in 1968, when with 21 years she played Julie Barnes, one of the three “hippies police” undercover Los Angeles in “The Mod Squad”.

That series became an emblem of the US counter-cultural movement. in the 60s and, through their five seasons, addressed issues such as domestic violence, abortion, police brutality against the African-American minority and the Vietnam War.

As a result, Lipton was nominated on four occasions to the Emmy Awards and, in 1971, he won the Golden Globe as best actress.

Her role in the series and her marriage to Jones, who is African American, placed Lipton at the center of the debate on Racism in the US and turned it into a liberation symboln for those who were trying to find a new identity in the Hippie movement.

Fame, however, became a slab and he decided to put his career aside to raise his two daughters Kidada and Rashida, that in both cases they became actresses and, in fact, Rashida has won recognition for his performance in the televised acts of “The Office” and “Parks and Recreation”.

Lipton and Jones they divorced in 1989 and so, Lipton decided to recover her career as an actress and ended up acting in the television thriller of “Twin Peaks”, where he gave life to Norma Jennings.

Afterwards, he made appearances in several series as “Crash” and “Popular.”

His last television appearances occurred in 2017; that year he performed in a new season of “Twin Peaks” and appeared in an episode of the television comedy “Angie Tribeca”, in which she acted as the mother of her daughter's character, Rashida Jones, who played the detective Angie Tribeca

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