8 keys to face breast cancer

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It is important to convince yourself that early diagnosis and increasingly advanced and precise treatments can cure breast cancer. Women must also be aware that their attitude and lifestyle will improve the prognosis.

Learn about egg freezing
Young patients who suffer from this disease and who have not yet been mothers should be informed about whether the treatment they are going to receive may alter ovarian function and, as a consequence, hinder fertility. There are several possibilities to preserve it. The oncologist himself can advise on this or refer the patient to specific programs.

Take care of food
Diet plays a fundamental role in the treatment. Helps to feel stronger, more optimistic and with more capacity to deal with the descent of defenses own of chemotherapy. It is essential to find out which foods feel better (preferably, fruits, vegetables, whole grains and blue fish) and reduce the metallic taste that is produced as a result of the medication. Creams, soups, natural juices or smoothies can facilitate swallowing. Drinking liquids in abundance can help fight fluid retention.

Do group activities
Keeping your mind occupied and not isolating yourself is essential to feeling good. There are foundations like IMO Group They have workshops for patients and survivors. The contact with other women who are going through the same situation and Sharing experiences reduces anxiety and increases optimism.

Keep the mind relaxed
Also, the techniques of relaxation, meditation, etc. They can help control negative thoughts and turn them into positive ones. In the provincial boards of the Spanish Cancer Association there are help groups, as well as courses on this type of techniques.

To do physical exercise
Must stay active as much as possible, walking at a fast pace or walking, depending on the level of fatigue. Physical exercise helps to generate endorphins, can combat the weight gain that can occur due to treatment, improves blood circulation, oxygenates and reduces nervousness.

Do not neglect the appearance
Caring for the physical aspect is also very important because it helps the woman to be herself. The Special beauty treatments for these breast cancer patients they will help to control possible infections, the dreaded lymphedema that can occur after the mastectomy, improve the state of the skin that suffers from the treatment or learn makeup tricks that can simulate the loss of eyelashes and eyebrows. Angela Navarro has a special program for cancer patients.

Pamper the couple relationship
The relationship can be resentful during the treatment. In fact, breast cancer can change it but not necessarily worse. It is important to communicate all feelings. Both the person who suffers from the disease and the couple. The advice of a psycho-oncologist can be very helpful at this stage. As well as using lubricant products sold in pharmacy that improve sexual relationships.

Be always informed
It must be clear, in addition, that when the treatment ends, fears may appear. During this, the patient will feel sheltered but once finished, new doubts may arise. Is essential share, ask for information, have the medical team that will not hesitate to lend a hand. Accurate and accurate information will be essential throughout the process to fight breast cancer, including recovery.


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