4 foods to prevent cancer

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1. Probiotics
They contribute to recover the intestinal bacterial flora. Probiotics are living organisms that, in addition to their nutritional properties, report health benefits. When it comes to choosing a certain probiotic product, my advice is to forget advertising claims. The ideal is that the product contains, at least, one billion bacteria per dose and bacterial species that we call multi-multispecies.

2. Fungal therapy (mycotherapy).
The fungi have great anti-tumor capabilities and also in the prevention of cancer. In addition to being a functional food against tumors they also have therapeutic capabilities against cardiovascular, antiviral, antibacterial and hypocholesterolemic problems, among others.

3. Propolis.
Known as the antiseptic of bees, it is a very interesting substance for its stimulating activity of immunological and also anti-tumor function. Propolis is a wax resin that bees use for the repair, insulation and protection of the hive. Something very similar is what it does in the human being.

4. Medicinal plants.
It is the so-called immunomodulatory phytotherapy. Increasingly there are studies that advise its use in therapies against malignant tumors. They are active that modify the immune response by acting on the body's own capacity. Echinacea and cat's claw are the most interesting medicinal plants when we talk about strengthening our body.

Every time there are more voices that claim the role of diet in the fight against cancer, there are foods that can help prevent the disease.


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